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We went to the Gainesville office this morning with my oldest nice…the staff is awesome! This was an amazing experience and I am so excited that I was a part of it!

Tina G.

Had an amazing experience here. Was nervous about an elective sonogram, but it was a better experience than I ever imagined. Great staff, comfortable setting,
and incredibly family friendly. Thank you so much, Fetal Flix :)

Katy J.

What an amazing experience! We got to see our sweet little Hunter and watch him move around! Can’t wait to see him in a few weeks! Definitely a must for any parent!

Brandy A.

We are so thrilled that we chose fetal flix for our first 3d experience. The best price, best experience and best service we can ask for; plus Kendra was so sweet, knowledgeable, funny and accommodating! Not only did we get to see our twins in so much beautiful details, we got over 200 pictures on the cd! We also ordered a customized DVD that was set to classical music. We watched the videos over and over and were able to share the experience with our friends and family. The DVD recorded moving videos in black and white and 4d it was an absolutely amazing experience! I don’t think anyone else offers a video DVD like fetal flix and I cannot understand why anyone else would choose a different 3d service provider, you CANNOT match fetal flix sessions! I will recommend fetal flix and Kendra to all my friends and everyone I meet! And to those that says 3d is a waste of money, you need to experience fetal flix, I am certain that you will be as happy as me! Hands down, best experience a pregnant mom can imagine! Thank you fetal flix!

Claire B

From Blessed Trinity School – Ocala’s timeline: THANK YOU to Kendra Czigany of FETAL FLIX! Because of her generous donation to Blessed Trinity Red and White Night, the Halsteads were finally able to learn that Baby Halstead #3 is a GIRL! If you or someone you know is expecting a baby, be sure to visit their Facebook page and set up an appointment!


Blessed Trinity School - Ocala

My husband and I are very pleased with our experience at Fetal Flix. We have used Fetal Flix to visit both of our babies in 3D, and happy with the results. We definitely recommend anyone to visit Fetal Flix to not only meet their baby in 3D, but to also have a great experience doing it.

Melissa V.